Circumference of Love




We love wherever we can love, and the power of that love spreads until the circumference of the circle of love grows wider and wider…even though I know to my rue that the circumference of my love is still much too small. – The Irrational Season (1977) by Madeleine L’Engle

I feel like I keep giving myself this same message; to love wherever I can love. And I also keep seeing that the circumference of my love is also still too small.

God’s word has told me: “If you love Me, keep My commandments.” – John 14:15

And what are these commandments? “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.” – Luke 10:27

So, I think this circle of love begins with God’s love for me and my love for Him. The circumference can’t grow unless this is firmly established. After that, the boundaries can grow and stretch beyond measure.

The Meter of Our Lives

meter 3


Lives metered out in baby breaths

It seems some secret hand adjusts the metronome

And what do the miles on the odometer say?

work, work, work, play

Work, work, work, play

Though we think it flies and we think it drags

There is no meter that can measure

that elusive quality of time

Wake, wake, wake, sleep

Wake, wake, wake, sleep

the clock tells us

sixty seconds every minute

Sixty minutes every hour

Tick, tock, tick, tock

Tick, tock, tick, tock

We have a portion of time

Alloted from the beginning

Its rhythm is our own

Some melody, some cacophony

Some melody, some cacophony

Take care of the moments meted out

Fleeting and lovely

Store them up in memories

Reveries and dreams

Reveries and dreams


for PAD today…



photo via dengarden

The PAD prompt for Day 28 was smell.


Every spring when the jasmine blooms outside my door
I close my eyes and I’m seventeen
I hear Simon and Garfunkel
Blowing through the jasmine in my mind
The world is full of promise
And unrequited love
A small gust blows me out of my reverie
But that jasmine
Makes me feel fine

His Day


November, 2012 – Vilano Beach

Today’s prompt(s) were the Two-for Tuesday: Beginnings or endings . My poem is a combination of sorts.

His Day

His days often went backwards
He could not find his hat
He had to have that hat to get on the train
It was time to go
Where was his sandwich?
He knew his mother had made a sandwich
Tomato on white bread with mayo
“Here’s your hat. Just sit down
It’s not time to go yet.”
She said this nearly everyday
He sat
He dozed
When he awoke, Wheel of Fortune was on
They watched together
Sometimes he guessed the phrase before the contestants
At bedtime, he always kissed his wife goodnight
At the end of the day he knew her

Last year’s Day 4 prompt was Distance .  My baseball themed poem was Go the Distance

God’s Love


Railroad Park – Bham


Today’s PAD prompt is ______ love. So simple. And yet…


God’s Love

My love

is not like God’s love

mine is on a sliding scale

of emotions

I think I’m constant

but I waver

like a playground seesaw

I am glad

God’s love

is not like my love

His love

is immutable


I also stumbled on a  PAD Day 3 post from 2013. 


Wait for the Midday

Early morning sun

flickers through the trees

like an irregular heartbeat

light and shadows start the day

in my eyes and in my soul

makes me squint

makes me wonder

do I stay or do I go?

wait, my soul

wait for the midday

wait for the warmth

illumination will come

just wait

to see, to know

wait for the midday




by Jonathan Pie

By Jonathan Pie


“It is our way of looking at life, our interpretation of the universe, our orientation to reality. “ – from Christian Worldview – A Student’s Guide by Philip Graham Ryken

Whenever we bump into the world, our worldview has a way of spilling out. It comes out in what we think and love, say and do, praise and choose. – from Christian Worldview – A Student’s Guide by Philip Graham Ryken

Read that again and let it sink in. … what we think and love….praise and choose… . Much of what I think no one will ever know. But I will, and I must live with it. What I love? I’m afraid what I really love shows in what I write about and talk about. My love for Christ often fades into the background, and that is truly telling. And shaming. My worldview shows in what I choose to do with my time.

I’m beginning to think my worldview needs a little adjustment.

U is for Untitled, Which This Isn’t


I’ve loved ABC books and A-Z lists for quite a while. This post is one in a series on writing, with the subtopic of poetry.

In looking for something a little UNUSUAL for the letter U, I thought about un’ words.

But first, my thoughts as related to writing. Don’t make your fiction UNREAL. It needs to be believable if you want to keep your readers. I’ve read my share of UNREALISTIC stories written by fourth graders, believe me!

Your story should be previously UNTOLD. It should be a little different than similar stories out there. Give it a little twist. Write the UNEXPECTED.

While I’m on this topic, I’ll mention an un-word that has been overused lately in places where I’ve worked or listened to speakers. That’s the word UNPACK. It’s used when people are referring to analyzing a situation or concept. It drives me nuts. Just sayin’.

I’ll close with a good un-word, and that’s UNWIND. Writing helps me unwind at the end of the day. It is something I love, and that’s not UNTRUE.

I could not find any poetry form for U, so I decided to write a sestina using U words. I hope it makes sense. Enjoy!


Photo by noppasinw.


Under a wondrous love umbrella

Mine, one of a kind, uplifted

No stretchers unbroken

Surely you can understand

It is the ultimate

The sky and I in union


You and I, too, in union

We share the same umbrella

Exclusive and ultimate

Our love uplifts

There is so much you understand

Our love is unbroken


Under a wing unbroken

We fly in perfect union

Full of understanding

Under my umbrella

Love will uplift

Love is ultimate


Only and ultimate

A song unbroken

Notes that uplift 

Join together in union

A melody under my umbrella

Music I understand


Because you always understand

Our adventure is the ultimate

Covered by a big umbrella

Covered by a love unbroken

Covered by our union

Ours alone, unique


Our life is unique

More and more I understand

All is a perfect union

A design that is ultimate

A promise unbroken

A protective umbrella


A life unique and ultimate

We understand, our love is unbroken

Glad for the union, glad for the umbrella