Everything tells a story: Amazon

Little reminders just keep popping up everywhere I turn. And I delve in, trying to remember what was such a blur. As I peruse my amazon back orders, a story emerges. A story of a fast downward spiral.

May 7: Roho Cushion. Chuck’s pressure ulcer developed from sitting in my little recliner for much of the day. And his body just could not heal. It bothered him as much or more than anything else he had to deal with those two months.

May 12: Men’s slippers. I ordered them because all he could wear were his slippers as his feet were swelling. His slippers were pretty ragged, so I though new ones were a good idea. They ended up being too tight and he didn’t wear them. But, Leah has them now and makes good use of them.

May 18: Shower chair. We only ended up using this twice. He just didn’t shower, but he didn’t really need to.

June 3: Compression socks. His legs and feet were so swollen. These helped a little.

June 4: 12 packs of cleansing cloth wipes. I still have about half of these packs. And I think of him, every time I use one.

The story here was of a desperate attempt to slow down something that just wouldn’t be abated. An attempt to ease the pain of someone I loved so dearly.

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