Thoughts on the words of J. Gresham Machen – Jesus


Oak Mountain State Park – February, 2017


J. Gresham Machen lived from 1881-1937. He was a Presbyterian churchman, a New Testament scholar, a Princeton Theological Seminary professor, founder of the Westminster Theological Seminary and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Machen is considered to be the last of the great Princeton theologians. The quotes in this series come from his book, “Christianity and Liberalism”.
Today I am using more than one quote because they go together.


“The truth is that if Jesus be merely an example, He is not a worthy example, for He claimed to be more.”

For people who say they believe Jesus was just a good man, this is food for thought. If He was a good man who claimed to be God, and you don’t believe He was God incarnate, then you must think He is a liar. Thus, not a good man.

Jesus is more than an example for us, but still His life is an example. If He prayed, who are we not to? If He went to “church”, who are we to say we don’t need to go to church? Sure, the lilies, and all of nature, show God’s glory in His handiwork. But, that is not enough. We are to worship Him with other believers. If He submitted to the Father’s will, how much more should we?

In speaking of the early Christians, Machen said,


“It was what Jesus did for them and not primarily the example of His life, which made them Christians.”

Again, for people who want to believe Jesus was just a good man and a good example, think on this. He is indeed good, as God is good. But, He is much more than that. He is a Redeemer. He is indeed a historical figure. He is also the One who determined history.

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