Career Day



“The children warm in bed at dawn will leave
And take your heart and go to worlds you do not know.”
From Zen in the Art of Writing by Ray Bradbury


Yes. They will leave one day; mine surely did. They all took little pieces of my heart and they scattered. At one point I had four children in four different states, but now it’s down to three states.

I’m in Florida right now with one of them and his wife and my grandchildren. Grandchildren who are warm in bed at dawn, sometimes right next to me, but not for long after dawn. If it’s a school morning they are drowsily stirring. If it’s a weekend they are watching the clock for 7:30 so they can have “screen time”.

Today was a little different. It’s Career Day at school. E wanted to dress as an architect. He filled his button-up shirt pocket with pens and carried a clipboard with a drawing he made last night. He designed a skyscraper with a few special features. He was so excited that he was up, dressed, and eating cereal when I walked into the kitchen with his sister (who was going to be an artist). I love to see this fire in him. The joy of being a kid isn’t always easy when it comes to school.

I do not look forward, for myself, to the day they, too, venture off with pieces of my heart. But, for them, I pray whether architect or soldier, artist or stay-at-home mom, they go with God.

Avetts in October #1: Be it!

In anticipation of The Avett Brothers concert on October 25th, I am posting a series

connecting some of their lyrics to words of some of my favorite authors.


“This self is yours! Be it!” – from Zen in the Art of Writing by Ray Bradbury

The world says “Be yourself!” but then it throws back at us all the visuals of the perfect body, perfect hair and numerous other things to make us think we need to be like everyone else.

“Head Full Of Doubt / Road Full Of Promise” could be the title of my life story. I find myself doubting and questioning all the time, yet I still have hope. I know the road ahead is truly full of promise.

Decide what to be and go be it!