Why I Write Poetry



“Prose: words in their best order; poetry: the best words in the best order.” ― Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Like Robert Brower, the editor of Poetic Asides at Writer’s Digest, I began writing poetry in high school. Some sappy love poems, some nature oriented, some expressing my love to God. Years went by and I wrote on occasion. But, then I began more serious dabbling in poetry when I became involved in the PAD (Poem a Day) challenge that occurs in April via Brower’s column online. I also taught poetry to 6th graders and saw many of them blossom into poets by the end of our time together.

I find poetry fun and freeing; comforting and challenging. I enjoy word play, so rhyming and formulaic poetry serves a purpose for me there. I also find I need the outlet that poetry provides. I can express myself when no other way will do. Poetry also challenges me to find and arrange “the best words in the best order.”


And Repeat


clocks hands so slowly move

on across the minutes

twenty-four and repeat


quiet dawn to soft dusk

and moments in between

at last the lovers meet


that raven evermore

returns time and again

dark and quiet to mind


until death do us part

in faded lace and white

oft times love is so blind




Hide Outs

The topic for day nine of the PAD challenge was “hide outs.” I thought back to the carefree days of my youth when my friend Christy, who lived across the street, and I would tramp through the woods. We had great imaginations, if not the best carpentry skills. My big brother and his friends had some really cool forts and we would sneak in them when they weren’t around. But, they didn’t know where ours was. It was truly a secret.



Midway between here and nowhere
We had a hideout in the woods
Away from the fort the boys made
Across a tiny  minnow-filled creek
Through a patch of bamboo
Our own place to hide out
Adventures in the midst of suburbia

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