An Ordinary Day

Being content with life means accepting the circumstances in which God’s providence has placed me…And so this is what I need now; the courage to face an ordinary day…from Ordinary by Michael Horton

In these still-new days of widowhood, some ordinary days do take courage; some are easier. Yesterday was a good day: had fans installed and a few pictures hung by my very sweet handyman. He and his wife are expecting a baby in July and I was able to give him a copy of The Jesus Storybook Bible . I painted some chairs, wrote a letter, paid a bill and did some cleaning. I picked up the kids from their summer camps – basketball for one, cheer for the other. Later I went back over to their house for a delicious supper of grilled chicken and vegies. When I got home Ruby and I had a short walk around the block. An ordinary day. A blessed day.

The true field for religion is the field of common life. – Andrew MacLaren

It’s April and you know what that means….


PAD. Poem a Day. Poetry month.

I’ve been writing everyday, some good, some not so good. Most of my poems tend to center around Chuck, but yesterday I took a lighthearted turn. The prompt was to write a persona poem.


who do you think you are, 

walking down the sidewalk there

or in the street 

I’m sounding the alert

you must mean us harm

this is my house 

my yard

how dare you knock

or ring the bell

oh, hello

yes, come on in

let me sniff you

of course you may pet me

hey, don’t stop now

I’m going to follow you around

I think I’ll lick your hand

and sit at your feet

come back soon, okay?

Texts from the past #8: dogs


As much as Chuck always said our dogs, first Loretta and then Ruby, were my dogs, I think they were really loyal to both of us.

We got Loretta when we became “empty nesters”. She came with the name Loretta Lynn and was fully trained. Described by her previous owners as an “old soul”, she fit smoothly into our now little family of two.

When our grandson Everett was born, we left her for over 14 hours and she never had an accident. That girl had a bladder of steel! Then Juliette came along and adored her, calling her “The Doretta”. We had her for ten years, until she died suddenly, with only a few hours notice that something was wrong. We went to bed that night with her asleep on our bedroom rug, and we both woke up about 2am. We got up to check on her, sitting on the floor next to her. She breathed two breaths and she was gone.

I didn’t plan to get another dog so soon, but it was sad coming home from work without a sweet dog to greet me. We went to the county shelter looking for a specific dog, but ended up with Ruby, who if you just saw her face you would have thought we’d cloned Loretta. Ruby turned out to be the cuddliest dog I’ve ever been around. And I thank God that I have her still to cuddle with and play with and just be with everyday. She is my constant companion.

May 12, 2017. C: Loretta  may be having a rough time right now. Bad storm in our area. (Loretta was scared of the least storm noise, fireworks, and even banging pots in the kitchen).

April 3, 2018. C: Oh my, we have an Earl sighting (This was our code name for Squirrel)

April 26, 2018. Me: I just saw a baby Pearl. C: Must’ve been tiny. Turl. (Since we now had chipmunks, we began also calling them Pearl)

November 7, 2018. Me: Bringing up the garbage can without Loretta running her little route was hard. C: I’m sure. I think about her when I leave for work and not having to close the study door.  Me: And even though she never said a word it sure is quiet around here this afternoon.  C: Sorry.

We got Ruby right after our 40th “Ruby” anniversary, hence the name.

Dec 27, 2018 (I Sent pic of Ruby) Me: She is so gentle natured. I think she’s already asleep.  C: Maybe she’s relaxed from both the surgery ( being spayed) and the loud shelter. She looks like a sweetie.

Dec. 28, 2018. Me: Somebody pooped outside. C: Did she let you know or did you just take her out? Me: I just took her out. C: That’s still progress. (We were like parents with a newborn).

An afternoon in the woods

Yesterday I got off work early and was able to hike around at Moss Rock Preserve with Ruby before the sun set. At 4:51 pm. Blasted Daylight Savings Time.  The fall colors were absolutely  magnificent. The weather was perfect. The company was amicable.


I came across two brothers who were rock climbing while their mom took pictures and video. I watched a minute from the top of a boulder opposite the activity. The older boy was hoisting the younger one up with a rope and pulley system of some sort. My path crossed theirs a little later and they were still having fun.

As I approached the waterfall area I came across a man, younger than me I think, helping an elderly couple in their seventies to get down the rocky path along the waterfall. Which could hardly be called a waterfall, more a water trickle But, I digress. I could tell from the snatches of conversation I heard these people didn’t know each other. Just one person giving a helping hand.


Moss Rock – sun hasn’t set yet but moon is up

After I wandered around above the “falls” and crossed over, I sat a few minutes to just enjoy the scenery and let Ruby lap up some water. She started a little low growling as a man approached from behind, taking pictures. When he came into my sightline I saw he was wearing a Georgia Bulldogs shirt. I told Ruby he was not the enemy and then I told him I liked his shirt. That opened the door for a little conversation. He graduated from the University of Georgia ten years ago. We talked about different places to hike in the area and then I went on my way.

I came up on the elderly couple again and slowed my pace to stay behind them. Which was pretty slow since my pace is already slow. The man turned to me and began a conversation. His name is Bo, hers is Joan. He asked me where I go to church, then proceeded to tell me all about his.

Ruby and I then tried to get ahead of them by taking a different path but ended up right behind them again. No matter, we were almost back to the entrance.

Usually when I hike it’s pretty quiet. I hardly ever engage in a lot of conversation. But you never know. I’d much rather run into someone who wants to talk than to run into another copperhead snake.