Monday Music #11

I have become quite skilled at chasing rabbits. So, let me take you down this little trail.

After I read Woody Guthrie: A Life by Joe Klein, I looked up Guthrie’s music. I listened to a few songs and watched a few video clips. In the process I stumbled on a song by a group called The Dustbowl Revival. Got Over is a beautiful song that tells a sad story. Take a listen:



I’ll continue this rabbit trail further in my next Monday Music post.

Feedback and Forgiveness (not)

by Stuart Miles

by Stuart Miles

I’ve loved ABC books and A-Z lists for quite a while. As a teacher I’ve used the A-Z idea for brainstorming new topics, for studying, and for writing. This post is one in a series on writing, with the subtopic of poetry.

“Find and befriend readers whose critical judgment you trust, and then cajole, beg, and bribe them to read and comment on your work.” – James W. Fuerst, author of Huge.

The most important point to remember here is to find someone you can trust to give you critical judgment. You don’t need someone to puff you up with compliments; you need someone who will give it to you straight – the good and the bad- so you can improve if needed. Secondly, these need to be READERS, not just your husband who loves you or your friend who goes to movies but never actually reads anything.

For a goofy poetry break, here’s a tidbit  in memory of Williams Carlos Williams.

Forgive Me (not)

She had our Barbies in her hands

held dangerously above her pool


mine accidently went in the water

She said “Sorry”

I knew she said “not”

That other time we fought

I bit her

because she ripped my dress

I had to go next door to say “sorry”

but I wasn’t

All the while she sat smug in her little chair

in her pink bedroom

in front of her TV

Who has a TV in her bedroom

in 1964?

She did


Who calls their child Star?

We called her Baby Huey

behind her back