Avetts in October #7: Confluence

In anticipation of The Avett Brothers concert on October 25th, I am writing a series of blog posts connecting some of their lyrics to words of some of my favorite authors. Today I give a nod to Eudora Welty and Rohinton Mistry.

sky birds

March, 2013 – Fruit Cove, Florida


Confluence: a flowing together ; a coming together of people


birds 2

March, 2013 – Fruit Cove, Florida

“All they could see was sky, water, birds, light,and confluence. It was the whole morning world. And they themselves were part of the confluence.” Eudora Welty

birds 3

June, 2012 – Astor, Florida

I love this idea of confluence, of a flowing together. In it I see the purposeful way God deals with His children. We can’t, often don’t, see it. We don’t see how the bad things lead to our good. But, I hear it in the Avett Brothers’ song All My Mistakes.

But I can’t go back

And I don’t want to

‘Cause all my mistakes

They brought me to you


 “Sometimes you have to use your failures as stepping-stones to success. You have to maintain a fine balance between hope and despair.”  – lawyer on the train – A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry


Avetts in October #4: Swept Away – One

In anticipation of The Avett Brothers concert on October 25th, I am attempting a series of blog posts connecting some of their lyrics to words of some of my favorite authors.

I didn’t discover Eudora Welty until  around 2015. There is a lot that can be learned from her writing, especially One Writer’s Beginnings.  She talks about how we change as we move through life, bumping up against others.

“Each of us is moving, changing, with respect to others.  As we discover, we remember, remembering, we discover and most intensely do we experience this when our separate journeys converge.”

Sometimes it’s life that changes around us and the special people in our lives help us to stay grounded. I hear this in Swept Away.


Life is ever changing but I will always

find a constant and comfort in your love




Merge Ahead

After more than three years of keeping up with two blogs, I feel it’s time to combine them. My other blog, Carry Me Home, was originated to help with our transition to Birmingham. I later tweaked it, still keeping the focus local when possible. I think it has run it’s usefulness, so over the next month I will attempt to combine them. This will include reposting some entries from the the other site to this one.

Thanks to all who read and encourage me!


Open to Suggestions


photo by Frameangel

Being open to suggestions does not mean you must use every one, but you should listen to and consider them.

A few years ago I attended a writing conference where I was able to submit my work ahead of time for critique. Everyone in my class was writing for the same audience, and our teacher was a published author in the same genre. Several people told me my main characters were too much alike. It was a good point. I wanted my readers to see them in the end as being very much alike, but I realized their personalities needed to be more distinct. There were several other helpful suggestions, also. I knew what I wanted to do with my story and where I wanted it to go, so that didn’t change. But, I could and did use the help to get me where I wanted to go with it.

Whether you are getting advice from a book or in person, take the helpful parts and leave the rest behind.

The poetry focus is an  Ottava Rima. The ottava rima stanza in English consists of eight iambic lines, usually iambic pentameters. Each stanza consists of three alternate rhymes and one double rhyme, following the a-b-a-b-a-b-c-c pattern. I’ve written one – it was fun to try!


Some changes in this life are bittersweet

We want to go, but yet we want to stay

Like separating the tares from the wheat

We want only the good at end of day

The happy ending’s not an easy feat

So plainly harder to do than to say

Yet, we will go and follow in His light

And we will go with happiness in sight