Texts from the past #10: Retirement

Moss Rock, 2015

How quickly we forget things. I’m a little surprised as I see how far back we were talking about Chuck retiring.

April 13, 2017: (This was me joking on one of my subbing days) Me: I’ll be sitting in the library until 10 or so. Glad I have my book. I don’t really have to do anything. C: Earn that money :). Me: going to use it to retire and live on an island and listen to music all day and walk on the beach.

April 11, 2018: C: In a seminar RE Retirement Medical, State Farm subsidizes premiums!!!! Me: Does that mean they pay part of them? C: Yes. Suh weet. Me: Would you be eligible even if you left at 62? C: Yes. You too C: We…R…out…of…here!

October 23, 2018: C: FYI – Alert, there is real hope for early rather than later retirement! I will show you tonight.  C: I am almost beside myself sitting here at work.  Me: Don’t get all the way beside yourself. One of you is enough. C: hee hee

May 10, 2019: Me: At Costco. May be in return line a while. C: ok. Me: I’m sure you needed that info. C: I wasn’t sure if I should write it down or not. Me: U so funny. C: I’m thinking I may retire now and go on tour. Me: I’ll be your sidekick.

March 3, 2020: C: I started the retirement process effective June 1

March 10, 2020: C: I started the ball rolling on social security. Big phone appointment next Thursday.

It’s still hard to believe that on April 13, 2020 we got the first inkling that our world was about to change. The sadness just overwhelms me sometimes. He was so excited when he began figuring out we could do this – make it work – retire. When his friend and supervisor, Patrice, had retired he had plied her with questions. I finally met her last week. It was such a blessing to meet one more person that knew and appreciated Chuck.

Now I, too, am officially retired. I want to spend these next years, however many God gives me, doing things that would honor Chuck. Things that honor God.

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