New World


Spring – 2014


we talked of a new normal

as we hid in our homes

but, the old still abided

in the hearts of those who love

good news cheered us everyday

the drive-by birthday greetings

teddy bears on display

meals freely delivered

a husband who stood outside the window

of his wife’s room

where he could no longer go

there, on either side of the glass,

they sang Amazing Grace together

this was a sweet new normal

I didn’t  want to lose

but then that normal

changed for my world

the words pancreatic cancer

turned my world upside down

now we are back home

but not the way we dreamed of being

our days are filled with tests and procedures

and the endless repetitive questions

name? birthdate? 

have you had fever, chills, change in taste or smell?

and I see the hollow look in the eyes of my love

the one who has been by my side for over 41 years

the one who protected me

kept me from falling when I lost my way

and all I want to do is to

take away the sadness


4 thoughts on “New World

  1. Dearest ones,
    You are never alone.
    As you look around A room,
    Whether hotel, hospital or home,
    Someone may be The One
    With whom you can share your Hope
    In the Life giving God of Heaven.
    Yours is a journey never traveled alone.
    Behold, I Am with you and will Never Leave you.

    Our prayers continue to be spoken for you.

    Doug, Judy & Greg

    Sent from my iPad

  2. I never understood why it wasn’t me, but the other. You can’t take it away but you can share in it. It’s the best we can do.

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