Misery is…

In perusing an old journal from the 1980s/early 1990s, I found some various things I’d written that must have come from some writing prompts somewhere. This one lists things that all happened for reals.

Misery is…

… getting up at night to use the bathroom and finding it occupied by a roach

…getting your hair cut and having your older brother call you “Shiny-Bald”

…having things go wrong and your older brother singing “Ninety- Nine Tears”

…having the class laugh when the teacher separates you from a boy for talking

…getting caught falling asleep in class by your chemistry teacher

…getting caught falling asleep in church

…as you walk out the door on your first date with a certain guy, your Dad says, “Have a good time, Puncie.”

…having a piece of a glass snake thrown down your blouse (again, the older brother)

…at age 10, opening the bathroom door to see what your older brother wants and then realizing you just took off the top piece of your swimsuit


mom me

THIS swimsuit

…having company arrive an hour early

…having your blow dryer go out

…running your hose as you step out the door

…gripping about the boss being late for a meeting, to find out it’s really a surprise shower for you.

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