Avetts in October #13: Take Someone With You


In anticipation of The Avett Brothers concert on October 25th, I have been writing a series of blog posts connecting some of their lyrics to words of some of my favorite authors.



My Lady and the Mountain – The Avett Brothers – (photo Summer, 2019)


 If you want to help the parks, the most important thing you can do is simply go to them – and take someone with you. Lassoing the Sun – Mark Woods

Mark Woods is a columnist for the Times-Union in Jacksonville, Florida. His book, Lassoing the Sun, began as a book on the National Parks but turned into something more. I highly recommend it. My online book club read it a few years ago and Mark graciously joined us in our online book chat.  I think he would like The Avett Brothers. 


I brought you to the river to watch the fish swim by and lay around that grassy bank and breathe in that blue sky – The Avett Brothers – (Photo June, 2012)

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