Today’s PAD prompt was  to write a “So” poem.




So, then what?

I arrived by train in the late afternoon
I made it to your side, sending Mom to bed
in just a few hours it was time
she was all curled up in that great big bed
and I had to wake her up
she took your hand, said it was okay to go
I held her
and you were gone

So, then what?

I will tell your stories to my children
and grandchildren
I’ll be the artisan of silly names
and funny expressions
I will keep your memory alive


Today in my Facebook Memories, I found my poem for PAD Day 9, 2013.


Are there only ten instructions?

I can do that

I believe in God

You know, GOD

No way!

I don’t have any statues in my house

Football trophies don’t count, right?

OMG- that’s not really saying it, right?

Yes, I call myself a Christian

I go to the early service

(Doesn’t interfere with the game)

Yes, sir/No sir

That’s so old fashioned

Murder in my heart? My thoughts count?

Honestly, I only buy it for the articles

It’s not plagiarism if I change a couple words

Little white lies don’t hurt anyone

Who in the world are Ananias and Sapphira? A rock band?

No, I don’t want my neighbor’s truck

I want my own

What? I thought you said ten

There are only really two?

Why didn’t you say so?

With ALL my heart, soul, and mind?

That’s a tough one

I like my neighbors – I always wave

I even put money in that kettle every December

Love them as much as I love me?

I’ll get back to you