Thoughts on Grace – The Example of David

Extravagant Grace is a book written by Barbara Duguid. She uses John Newton’s teaching on sanctification to explain God’s sovereignty over sin. Duguid is the wife of a Presbyterian pastor in Pennsylvania and the mother of six. The quotes in this series come from her book.

“David’s sin did not come out of nowhere. It began with him failing to pursue his duty to lead his people into battle.”

Many people know the story of David and Goliath and see David as a brave kid who grew up to be a brave man. And so he did. Others, though probably not as many, know the story of David and Bathsheba. Here he’s acting pretty rotten, and we wonder what happened.

Well, David is no different than us. We are all prone to sin, we all sin every day. The reason I like the quote from her book is it’s a good reminder of how one bad thing leads to another.

Here is the short version of David’s fall:

  1. He stays home instead of going to battle like he was supposed to, sending his right hand man, Joab, instead.
  2. He “just happened” to go up on the roof where he could see Bathsheba bathing.
  3. He sends for her and they have a little afternoon delight.
  4. Her devout husband is sent for from the battle, because David hopes he will have marital relations with Bathsheba and cover up any pregnancy that might have occurred.
  5. Her husband, Uriah, does what a good soldier is supposed to and does not go to bed with her.
  6. So, then David has him sent to the front lines, hoping he will be killed, which he is.
  7. David and Bathsheba end up having a son who dies.
  8. David finally comes to his senses, though at a great loss for many people, most especially himself.

Whew! Can you say “Soap Opera”? And yet, God forgave David and used him greatly, as Jesus was born of the genealogical line of David.

If you want to read about David in more detail, read I and II Samuel in the Old Testament of the Bible.


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