Thoughts from Great Expectations #3



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“There’s one thing you may be sure of Pip,” said Joe, after some rumination,  “ namely, that lies is lies. However they come, they didn’t ought to come, and they come from the father of lies, and work round to the same. Don’t you tell me no more of ‘em, Pip. That ain’t  the way to get out of being common.” – Great Expectations by Charles Dickens


Lies is lies. However they come. And, boy, have they come around this election season.  I can’t even begin to list all the lies spewed out, words twisted, cover ups,and  empty boastings.


That aint’ the way to get out of being common. Common is a good way to describe our candidates. Also trite, platitudinous, monotonous, vapid, insipid, full of tripe and drivel.  I just love synonyms.



I have no great expectations this election season.


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