Stay Gold

So, the prompt for Day 19  of PAD was to write a cool or uncool poem. My mind must have still been on  Day 11. I also remembered a poem from PAD 2009. So, I’ve included that, also. A big thanks to S.E. Hinton for the inspiration.


photo by Bruloos


That’s Uncool

I don’t care if your hair is pink
your opinion is just what you think
but don’t poke fun at the quiet guy
don’t put him down because he’s shy

you might be a football star
a game player is what you are
that doesn’t mean you count for more
you need to work on your rapport

yes we know you’re very smart
but what is the state of your heart?
what matters if it’s four-point-o?
have you helped the average Joe?

look around and you will see
lots of people just like me
with lots of thoughts and love to share
did you know it’s cool to care?


Radical, dissenter
Inside out
Exterior, interior
Full of doubt
Break the façade
Scale the brick wall
Ponyboy, Sodapop
Please don’t fall
Shut out the world
Curl up in a ball
Fling back your shoulders
Strong and tall
Odd man out
Youthful and bold
Loner, loser
Just stay gold


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