The prompt for Day 16 of PAD was to write about a food establishment.  This one was hard for me. First I brainstormed places from my childhood, but we didn’t eat out often. One place, though, that came to mind was the Varsity in in Athens, GA. Every summer when we went to visit Grandma and Great-Aunt Marie, we’d usually have a meal at the Varsity. I also remember a few Friday nights when we drove to McDonald’s on Beach Blvd. in Jacksonville, before indoor seating. My two brothers and I would eat in the backseat, with our food spread out across the rear dash. It was a real treat.

As a teen, our hangouts were Pizza Hut, Denny’s and Krystal. But, my first job, besides babysitting, was at Burger King. That red polyester uniform wasn’t too flattering, or too comfortable in the summer.

Two of our children worked at Dairy Queen during high school.  Those were the years we enjoyed numerous ice cream cakes, and my son would always make me a very large diet vanilla coke that was addictive.

There are many more places I could have written about, but the sweet memories attached to Dan’s Sandwich Shop were the ones I decided to reminisce  over.




Saturday afternoons in my teen years
sometimes held a special treat
We’d order from Dan’s Sandwich Shop
and I would get a limeade
We always brought the food home
to eat at the kitchen table
Those were the Saturdays
I didn’t have to make Dad
a sliced pineapple sandwich with mayo
I still can’t find a limeade
that tastes the same


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