Go the Distance

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CAB- 1975


The prompt for Day 4 of PAD-2016 is “Distance”. The first thing that came to mind was “Go the distance,” via Ray  Kinsella/W.P. Kinsella/ Field of Dreams.  Though this isn’t particularly a baseball poem, it IS Opening Day, so rather serendipitous.


Go the Distance

Go the distance

If the road winds on

follow it around the bend

though uphill and steep

unpaved and rough


Go the distance with your friend

for better or for worse

in quiet or in song

beside her in  darkness

rejoicing  in the sunshine


Go the distance with your words

Write them for good,

speak them in comfort

Sow seeds of kindness

with the language of your soul


Go the distance with your love

holding the unlovable

building up the broken

though the night be long

and no recompense comes


Go the distance in your work

In joyful servitude

do your best, complete the job

even when no one’s watching

when no one seems to care


Go the distance

in all you do

Go the distance



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