Yet and Yadu

I started this A-Z Writing topic and I am writing it YET. This means I am writing it still or as I previously was.

I have not YET finished. This means I have written up to a particular time. There is YET time for me to finish. In other words, there is time still remaining for me to finish. Is the end here YET? No, it is not, so hang in here with me. I have written YET another addition to my A-Z Writing series.

Whew! I used YET in all the five ways listed in the dictionary.

My poetry focus is a Yadu, a Burmese verse. Each of the stanzas —up to three in all— has 5 lines. The first four lines have 4 syllables each, and the last one can have 5, 7, 9, or 11 syllables. The poem has a unique climbing-rhyme pattern. There should be a reference to the seasons since the word yadu means “the seasons.

This is what the pattern looks like:

O. O. O. a.
O. O. a. O
O. a. O. b
O. O. b. c.
O. O. O. O.O.O.O.O.c.


Jacksonville, FL 2014


Open Window

Open window
breezes blow through
as slowly spring
sparrows sing sweet
songs, in blended voices on repeat

Open window
the willow blooms
Thoreau would like
so dreamlike this
allurement of perfume, nature’s kiss

Open window
murmurs flow in
bestow a balm
whispers calm tones
of bees and breeze and laughter homegrown

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