PAD – 2016

This is my fourth year or so of participating in the Writer’s Digest April PAD – Poem A Day – Challenge. Each year I usually finish all 30 poems, but not without a struggle. Then I cull my collection and sometimes submit with hopeful sighs my five to consider for publication. I haven’t been chosen yet, but never mind that. I am able to post them online  for viewing and sometimes receive critiques and compliments, which is always nice. The important thing for me is that I LIKE it – and it really is a challenge most days.

The prompt for day 2 is “what he said and/or what she said”.  Robert Brower, the mastermind who gives out the prompts, always participates with a poem of his own.

Here is mine~

I’ll Be Right Back

I’ll be right back, Jessie

as he walked down the dusty road

somewhere outside  Tampa

in 1937

five children watched him go

and the youngest would never remember

he was larger than life

with a  wild laugh,

a tender touch,

a  charm that drew others,

but would not make him stay

his young wife

left with nothing but a broken car

on the side of the road

I’ll be right back, Jessie

he said

mother0007 - Copy


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