J is for Joy

I’ve loved ABC books and A-Z lists for quite a while. This post is one in a series on writing, with the subtopic of poetry.

Writers must find joy in writing, or why else would so many keep at it for so little pay? It’s because of the joy received while putting words on paper. Like a photographer, a writer looks at the small things as well as the big picture. From a little caterpillar to a wedding party to the Grand Canyon, there is beauty everywhere. The photographer will take the picture, then edit it, perhaps crop it, play with the light and colors a bit, to get the picture looking the best it can. So, too, a writer must work through many steps to produce a piece he is proud of. But, oh what joy when he steps back, smiles, and hits SEND. Or POST.  Or puts in in an envelope. Or just keeps it for himself.

Sometimes rejection may come, in the form of “This is not what we are looking for at this time.” That’s when joy comes into play. Happiness is fleeting, but joy has a deeper connotation. Of course, I’ll be happy when I get a check in the mail (or in paypal!), but my joy in writing is what keeps me going.

I could not find a particular type of poetry for J, but I tweaked a poem I wrote a year or so ago.


Baby J

Eyes of sapphire sprinkled heather

Like an ocean all together

On a  quiet breeze moments flee


Giggles delight like a feather

Cuddling warm and close together

Gentle breath tickles soft and sweet


Looking nigh and in the nether

Where the laughter runs together

On a  quiet breeze moments flee


She is like the true bell heather

In and out of sunset weather

Gentle breath tickles soft and sweet

baby J

Baby J – 2015



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