No Man is an Island


St. Johns River near Astor, FL – June, 2012


“No man is an island” applies to writers. There are times we need to hole up and write, write, write. But, if we aren’t out in the world talking with friends, meeting with other writers, listening to others, watching people walking by, taking classes, or helping someone else – what are we going to write about? I’m afraid we would all be writing about our own selves, and after a while, if we aren’t doing anything, we’d run out of material!

Being with people who share your love of writing is important. You can bounce ideas off each other and critique rough drafts. Only another writer can understand the excitement of a really good conference that is affordable, or an author book signing at the local bookstore. Only another writer understands the gloom you feel after receiving a rejection letter, or the joy you feel when you see your name in print.

So, don’t be an island. At least be a peninsula. Stick your head out once in a while and mingle with people of like minds. You may find you will return to your abode refreshed and ready to tackle your story, essay, or poem with vigor!


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