When They Don’t Have the Words


As a grandparent, I’m learning to be more aware of the feelings of young children who can’t express what it is they are feeling. Sometimes these little ones just don’t have the words to tell us that they are tired or frustrated. Being aware and patient could actually help us deal with people of all ages.

This awareness really hit me one evening when my grandson asked me to read a book for the third night in a row. It is called “Animal Daddies and My Daddy”. I was taking care of him and his sister while their parents were out of town and I think he chose that book because he was really missing his daddy. The other book he chose for me to read was Eric Carle’s “Animals Animals” because he said it was his mom’s favorite book. This was his way of being close to them while they were away and he was missing them so.

Kids go through so many stages as they grow up.  Around 5 or 6, as they become more aware of the world around them and understand things better, they may develop new fears. One common occurrence is fear of the dark. My grandson is going through this right now. As I was reading to him and his little sister  from The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones, I found a wonderful version of Psalm 23. I shared it with my daughter-in-law, thinking this could help calm the fears of the little guy who is a superhero by day, but not so much by night.

Psalm 23 From the Jesus Storybook Bible.

God is my Shepherd

And I am his little lamb.

He feeds me.

He guides me.

He looks after me.

I have everything I need.

Inside my heart is very quiet.

As quiet as lying still in soft green grass.

In a meadow.

By a little stream.

Even when I walk through

the dark, scary, lonely places

I won’t be afraid.

Because my Shepherd knows where I am.

He is here with me.

He keeps me safe.

He rescues me.

He makes me strong

and brave.

He is getting wonderful things ready for me

Especially for me

Everything I ever dreamed of.

He fills my heart so full of happiness.

I can’t hold it all inside.

Wherever I go I know

God’s Never Stopping

Never Giving Up


Always and Forever Love 

Will go, too!  


You can read more about The Jesus Storybook Bible or order one at http://www.jesusstorybookbible.com/index.php


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