Letter To My Younger Self

I actually wrote this a year ago, but was inspired today  to pull it out and dust it off.

Me at 14 with my brothers

Me at 14 with my brothers

Dear Fourteen Year Old Self,

This will be short, because I know you may not want to read a long letter right now. I know you are feeling fat, but I can tell you, you WILL lose that weight and keep it off for years. Just continue on being your happy self and a good friend to the peeps in your life right now. Some of those kids will still be in your life when you hit your 50s.

Work on your poetry – some of it is good and some of it stinks, but it will be a help to you when you are feeling blue.

It’s easy now to say not to worry so much about what others think, but it isn’t easy to put into practice at 14. Don’t do anything that would cause people to truthfully talk bad about you, though.

Don’t go looking for love too soon. It will come, I promise you. And it will last for years. Don’t give away pieces of yourself that you can never get back.

Love, Me (or you, or whatever)

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