Why I Write


I don’t think there is just one single reason that I write. Rather, I write for different reasons in different seasons.

Often I write to keep my sanity. There is this piece of me always wanting to share yet often there is no one to share with. So, I write and fling it out to the world to make a connection. Sometimes it hits a mark, sometimes it makes an empty  plink.

I write for the joy of creating, whether it’s a poem or a post to accompany a photo or a challenge to be met, like this prompt.

I write to tell a story, to shout out some news, to make someone laugh.  I pen my thoughts with the hope that it might make someone stop and reflect or that it might be of some help to a weary soul.

And, yes, I often write hoping someone will notice.

Thank you, Writeous Babe, for your prompting.

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