The Amazing Moon

“It was one day as I listened to baseball that it occurred to me how the moon actually moves, in a spiral, because while it orbits the earth it also follows the orbit of the earth around the sun. This is obvious, but the realization pleased me. There was a full moon outside my window, icy white in a blue sky, and the Cubs were playing Cincinnati.” – from Gilead by Marilynne Robinson


Yesterday we went to a family reunion in Covington, Georgia. It was a Bell reunion, but as it turned out my husband and I were the only ones there with the name of Bell.

Anyway, we had some good conversation over a delicious potluck meal. Some of the delectable morsels I had were cousin Nancy’s green beans and her fantastic sweet potato casserole, a tasty quinoa dish, squash casserole, and creamy banana pudding made by the hostess.

Fruit Cove, FL

Fruit Cove, FL

But, back to the conversation. I’ve heard for years about Uncle Dan’s Feeding Times guides. My brother-in-law swears by them. Yesterday I met his son, Dan Jr., who talked quite a bit about his dad, who died in 1994. He remembers his father telling him about the tides and their purpose. I would have loved to have known his father. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never caught a fish in my life, but I was fascinated with what I learned about how the phases and location of the moon affects fish and other animals and the way they feed. He related that his dad told him to think about how the tides put oxygen into the oceans for all the life there, just as the leaves on the trees provide oxygen for life on land. Of course, he told it much better, but the point was that it is no coincidence. God’s creation is intricate, precise, brilliant, and divine.

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