One of the PAD prompts this month was to write an adjective poem. I love music so much, and it drives me crazy that I can hardly carry a tune in a bucket and can’t play an instrument (although, if you go by my steering wheel skills I think I could play a mean bongo drum). Anyhow, I sing in church and sometimes in the car and Friday night I sang bits and pieces at a show. That was my inspiration for this poem.


My spirit is musical
But my voice can’t match it
Inside I’m harmonious
But my voice can’t catch it

My feet begin to dance
My body loves to sway
Yet when I commence to sing
The notes drift off and stray

I can’t whistle so well
But I can happily hum
I joy in the violin
Take pleasure in the drum

My spirit is musical
I take fortitude in song
Don’t let my voice get me down
I blissfully sing along

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