Blessed Are


I penned this after hearing messages on The Beatitudes brought by Mark Soud. It can be sung to the tune of Amazing Grace (just sing BLESSED , not BLES-SED)

Blessed are those whose dear spirits are
Counted among the poor
Theirs is the kingdom here and far
They enter by the Door

Blessed are those who on earth do mourn
For comfort will be theirs
Yes, for a time sorrow is born
O’er sin and worldly cares

Blessed is the meek and lowly one
Who for himself cares not
Looks not to self but to the Son
Gives glory as he ought

Blessed are those who for righteousness
Do hunger and do thirst
At the Lord’s table they’ll be guests
The last shall there be first

Blessed are they who are merciful
They will mercy receive
These promises are never null
To they who do believe

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they
Children of God will be
Kindness and peace is in their way
God’s love their very key

Blessed those who persecuted are
When God’s law they obey
On earth they suffer and are marred
Yet in God’s care they stay

Blessed are those who, when men abuse
When lies are told of them
It is for Christ that they are bruised
Still, they rejoice in Him

Rejoice and be exceeding glad
For great is your reward
The saints before you trouble had
Yet trusted in the Lord

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