My “Collected Home”

After reading a blog post about a “Collected Home”, which you can read HERE, I decided to write one of my own. Downsizing to a smaller home has meant letting go of some “stuff” and it has not been easy. I’m sure much of that has to do with the fact that I have a “collected Home”, one full of memories and family treasures. So, I want to share some of them.


This is something I made in college when my husband and I were dating. As you can see, it was long before the days of home computers. If you look closely, you can see that in each line I changed one letter so that it went from my full name to his full name. Cool, huh?


This is my mother’s old Lane “Hope Chest”. It was in our garage as I was growing up, probably because a dog we had once chewed up a few corners. After we moved I painted it red using the Annie Sloan Chalk paint. Can’t wait for my mom to see it!

My husband’s grandfather thought the lady on this clock resembled his wife, so he bought it for her many years ago. They are both gone now, but I am thankful we ended up with the clock.

Yes, this is a bowl of dice. I used dice a lot in the classroom when I was a teacher, so I accumulated quite a bunch. The bowl was made by my son in pottery class in high school. He thinks it’s no good, but I love it because he made it!


Growing up we had a lovely mahogany dining room table and set of chairs. I spent many afternoons on my hands and knees dusting the rungs as a kid. When my mom moved the last time she had no space for it and neither I nor my brothers did, either. So, I got one chair to keep and last year I recovered the seat.

I will do another post later with more memories from my “Collected Home”.

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