Thoughts on the words of J. Gresham Machen – Salvation


Photo – digidreamgrafix

J. Gresham Machen lived from 1881-1937. He was a Presbyterian churchman, a New Testament scholar, a Princeton Theological Seminary professor, founder of the Westminster Theological Seminary and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.  Machen is considered to be the last of the great Princeton theologians. The quotes in this series come from his book, “Christianity and Liberalism”.

“Some Christians, indeed, are able to give the day and hour of their conversion…but the great majority do not know exactly at what moment they were saved. It is not necessary that all should pass through agonies of soul before being saved; there are those to whom faith comes peacefully and easily…”

I felt comforted by these words, because I fall sort of in between. I can remember when, not the day and hour, but I was ten years old when the LORD used preaching to reach into my heart and show me that I needed to be forgiven. I remember where, it was in the kitchen at my mother’s side.  I did not go through ‘agonies of soul’, but, even at that young age, I knew I needed a Savior. Yes, it was childlike faith. Yes, I coasted through childhood not really growing much in my faith, yet the LORD held onto me. As an adult, God has drawn me closer and opened my heart to more truth. I prayed that He will continue to open my eyes and heart to serve Him more.

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