Me and Tim Tebow



Photo- Wikipedia Commons


I did not watch the Super Bowl. But I did see the Tim Tebow commercials beforehand because my husband called me over to watch them on the computer. I loved them, but more than that, I related to them. If you didn’t see the T-Mobil commercials, you can view them here:

I don’t have a contract, either. I am not teaching in a classroom for the first time in 17 years. I do miss the kids, but, I was thinking of all the things I could not do if I had a contract.

Just like Tim, without a contract, I’ve done so much this past year:

  1. Tackled the unknown: Interviewed people I’d never met before
  2. Worked on my delivery : I met my magazine deadlines
  3. Improved my mental game: I got better at Words with Friends
  4. I wouldn’t be with all the fine people: Like best friend Cathy!
  5. Answered tough questions: Am I a writer?
  6. Fulfilled a childhood dream: I AM a writer!
  7. Contracts are limited: I am a freelancer
  8. It’s all good: God has blessed me
  9. I can do my own stunts: I crawled around the Water Drop Sculpture at the Children’s Museum with my grandson
  10. Save these puppies: I TRIED to rescue a dog – we had her for four days; it didn’t work out but I would not have even tried if I’d had a contract
  11. Contracts are not necessary: I can still teach; I read to my grandson and I teach Sunday School
  12. Bottom line: Contracts hold you back

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