This Is Not Rock n Roll Religion



Photo taken 8/5/10

Yes, the lyrics are from the Beatles. But God used a donkey in the Old Testament, so I guess He can use these words to reinforce what I hear in His word.


That when I tell you that I love you, oh

You’re going to say you love me too, oh

And when I ask you to be mine

You’re going to say you love me too


Okay, so I know I’m taking this way out of context, but for some reason I woke one night in October, 2010 with this song in my head and a thought to go with it. I was thinking about how if God loves us and calls us, then we are going to love Him, too. And if He is truly calling us, if He asks us to be His, we are going to say I love You, too. It’s not a matter of He’s calling and pleading and we can reject Him. God is not a sad, pleading figure up in heaven begging us to come to Him. He is the creator of us, the sustainer of us, the One who knew us before we were born.

This in no way takes away our responsibility here on earth to follow and obey Him. And to tell others of Him. But I cringe when I hear Him portrayed as a God who is trying to hand someone a gift and they just won’t take it. The scriptures do not present God to us in this way. We are not in control of God; He is in control of us. That is a truly awesome and humbling concept.

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