Throwback Thursday – Great Aunt Eva


My Great Aunt Eva was always intriguing to me. She had flaming red hair and a glass eye. This picture was taken at a family reunion in the 1980s at the beach. What struck me as funny was something I saw when I looked closely at the picture. She’s wearing a dress (all the great aunts were), and a nice brooch, but she also is wearing a red Smiley-face pin! I wonder where she got it.

I never really knew her well. I know she had a daughter that was mostly raised by someone else. I know she was married five times. And I know she was part of a strange religion, for lack of a better term, a cult of sorts.

I wonder what my great nieces and nephews (if I have some) will remember about me. What will my grandchildren laugh about when they talk of me as teenagers? What fond memories might they remember? My grandson, Everett, has such a sharp memory – I hope that never fades. Maybe he’ll remember running around the house with flashlights, playing hide-n-seek with me. And maybe he’ll remember all the silly names we make up for each other.  I hope we make lots more good memories together.  And if he gives me a smiley face pin or a dinosaur pin, I’ll wear it. At least for a while.


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