Throwback Thursday – The Kitchen, The Heart of my Childhood Home


I’m not sure when this picture was taken, but I’d say around 1970. First, observe.

The guy is my older brother. Holding a banana. A healthy snack.

The woman is my mother. She had that same hairstyle for years. She always looked nice, but never complicated.

The refrigerator. Brown. For its day it was pretty sleek. I think we had the only brown stove and fridge on the street. On top of the fridge is the Pig Cookie Jar. Mom still has that cookie jar. It is a sure memento of a carefree childhood. Behind the Cookie Jar, on the wall, you see a few of those copper-colored jell-o molds. Just a few years ago I got those from my mom. They now hang in my kitchen – a reminder of times gone by.

What I notice that no one else would is the walls. They are plain white. They were not always – I remember wallpaper and baskets in that kitchen.

We ate in that kitchen every night except for when we had company or when it was a holiday. There was a lot of laughter. And there were a lot of arguments. And there were many times that I had to sit with my little brother until he ate his food. I hated when it was my turn to sit with him. He could drag it out    f o r o v e r.

When my kids came along, they, too, had many a meal there. First in a highchair; later sitting in the booth seat that hugged the wall. On holidays, that was the kids table.

I would love to hear them tell some of their memories. I’m sure they have some doozies!


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