The Time Has Flown By

I am NOT really a pack-rat, but I do have some areas in my house that need overhauling. Mostly my office, which I can never seem to keep up with. I think that’s a problem with many writers or creative people.

So, today I decided to clean out a basket that I keep under my coffee table. Here are some of the things I found:

Magazines and Christmas cards from 2008

Two hurricane guides from the newspaper

14 pens/pencils

15 cents

A set of earphones

Reward stickers

An overused emery board

A pink eraser

Assorted paper clips

A special brush for getting dog hair off the furniture

Post-its (Yea!!)


One find that sums up this experience is a line from an anniversary card from my mother-in-law. She wrote:

“…the time has flown by.”

Yes, it has!





PS _ I have the doors and windows open today and it’s lovely!!

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