Thoughts on The Pilgrim’s Progress #5


Bunyan wrote a Part two, or “Part the Second” which follows the journey of Christian’s wife, Christiana, and their four sons, on their pilgrimage. I found this in the introduction:

Render them not reviling for revile;

But if they frown, I prithee on them smile:

Perhaps ‘tis Nature, or some ill report,

Has made them thus despise, or thus retort.

I got to thinking about this and I pray I can remember these thoughts whenever run into someone who is having a bad day. Or when someone gives me a hard time for no reason.

I can’t know what is going on in the other person’s life. I have not “walked a mile in their moccasins”. So my prayer is that I would be gentle. That I would understand that often the rage isn’t really at me. I pray the Lord would give me a word of peace, a kind spirit, a calmness.

A few days after I read this, I came across this story on facebook. It fits right in with this idea. You can read it and see if you don’t agree.

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