Daily Praises

The doxology we sing every week says “Praise God from whom all blessings flow.”

Today I praise him for these blessings:

Having a job to go to

Going to the post office and finding no one at all in line

Listening to music in my car by way of CDs, which are still such a mystery to me. As are ipods, computers, TVs – all these wondrous devices.

Having a husband who cooked me an egg this morning

Seeing lovely geese on the side of the road

Crossing two rivers on the way to work (Julington Creek and the St. Johns River) and being able to look left and right and see beautiful views.

A mix of sun and clouds (weatherman language)

This was the list I made on the way to work. I then did my job to the best of my ability. What is so cool is that I got an email (from my husband) with a link to an article about a book called The God of the Mundane by Matthew Redmond. The review, by Rev. Shane Lems,  was so good I now want to read the book.

 Here is a quote shared by Rev. Lems that is worth passing on:

“Be nobody special.  Do your job.  Take care of your family.  Clean your house.  Mow your yard.  Read your Bible.  Attend worship.  Pray.  Watch your life and doctrine closely.  Love your spouse.  Love your kids. Be generous.  …Expect no special treatment.  And do it all quietly”

An excellent word of encouragement and challenge!


    Julington Creek Bridge

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