Divine Synergism


In the divine synergism, God mixes bitter herbs and spices with other tastier ingredients to create the perfect soup.” – David Jeremiah

As I face this day of not going back to school, of not being in a classroom for the first time in 17 years, I know the LORD is with me. I can’t say I’m not fighting back tears, for I am. I can’t say I feel fantastic, because I don’t. But, I feel I am in God’s hands. I am secure in the knowledge that He knows what’s best for me when I just don’t get it.

And He sent me this today to help me through – an excerpt from a poem by Annie Johnson Flint:

So all things are working for the LORD’s beloved;

Some things might be hurtful if alone they stood;

Some things might seem to hinder; some might draw us backward;

But they work together, and they work for good,

All the thwarted longings, all the stern denials,

All the contradictions, hard to understand.

And the force that holds them, speeds them, and retards them,

Stops and starts and guides them – is our Father’s hand.

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